12-Year-Old Sells Toys, Earns $4M Monthly, and Announces Retirement!

Pixie Curtis, a popular Australian internet personality, who, at the age of only 10, earned 4 million NTD per month by selling toys, sparked discussions about her entrepreneurial story. (Image from Pixie Curtis's Instagram)

12-year-old child sells toys and earns USD 4 million a month! With a net worth of over a billion, she announces her retirement.

A popular internet personality, Pixie Curtis is a well-known child in Australia, largely due to her mother’s exceptional business acumen. Since the age of 10, Pixie has been the CEO of a toy company, “Pixie’s Fidgets”, which currently generates a monthly income of USD 133,000 and has pushed her net worth well over a billion dollars. She recently turned 12 years old, and while everyone expected her to continue expanding her business empire, she surprised everyone by announcing her impending “retirement”, causing quite a stir.

It is known that Pixie’s father is a businessman and her mother, Roxy Jacenko, was the owner of a public relations company. After Pixie’s birth, the couple set up a hair accessories brand, ‘Pixie’s Bows’, in their daughter’s name. Later, when Pixie was 10, they helped her set up a toy company, Pixie’s Fidgets. The debut of their first toy sold out in less than two days, generating sales of over USD 2 million .

A popular internet personality, Pixie Curtis, just turned 12 years old, but in reality, she holds the position of CEO in a toy company. (Image from Pixie Curtis's Instagram)

Both companies, Pixie’s Bows and Pixie’s Fidgets, are actually subsidiaries of the parent company, Pixie’s Pix. The total value of “Pixie’s Pix” is estimated to be around AUD 13 million, and when Pixie’s shares in the company are added to assets such as the Mercedes-Benz given to her by her mother, her wealth has reached several hundred million dollars, an astonishing achievement for her age.

At the end of July, just after turning 12, Pixie threw a lavish party to celebrate. While the world assumed she would continue to run her companies and expand her business, she surprised everyone by announcing her retirement as CEO of Pixie’s Fidgets during the party. The reason for this decision could be her intention to concentrate seriously on her studies. Her mother, Roxy Jacenko, previously told the media: “Given the size of the company, Pixie could have remained CEO until she was 15. But education is of the utmost importance. So stepping down now is about allowing her to focus on her studies.

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