2020 Recommended 4 latest quick-drying hair dryers and how to properly blow healthy hair!


Summer or winter

I think girls hate the most

Is washing hair and blowing hair

Then this fall

Actually a lot of advertised

Quick-drying quick-drying

High wind speed hair dryer

Then I want to ask Nico

Like your hairstylist

Used in Salon

That professional hair dryer

What conditions are usually required

Is the first one must

Enough wind temperature

Then cold or hot air

Three paragraphs

Possible cold wind warm wind hot wind

Then the wind speed must also be concentrated

This is our professional hair stylist

Required a hair dryer

Claimed a quick-drying hair dryer


One of them is this one

Is from UNIX in Korea

AIRSHOT top anion hair dryer

Then I think this one is really beautiful

It ’s different from ordinary hair dryers.

Then it belongs to the salon-specific version

So it can also claim to be very fast

Then its buttons actually have

Three sections of cold wind

Three sections of hot air

Actually fits

Is what the salon hairdresser wants to use

The more professional function

And then there are negative ion buttons

And actually it ’s the best

There is a very powerful key

Is it has a button here

One click

Its mouthpiece will actually change

And then there is a very smart design

Is if you use a certain function

for example

What is the key to cold wind

What is the hot air key

After it shuts down

Reopen next time

It will remember

The last function used

So it’s very intimate

Master Function Key

To me

I just used

I think

It’s really amazing

Because it ’s very concentrated

Then i want to blow my roots

Blow gently

It stands up

Then the wind speed is enough

So you are lazy

You are perfect

Because you just blow it

It does

Then i want to know

Like usual hairdressers

All hope is

Our first move after washing our hair

Is to dry the scalp

So if we want to use a hair dryer

If you blow your scalp,

What kind of skills do you need to pay attention to?


First we have to comb our hair

After returning the stream

Then you wash your hair too

Just use a comb right away

Comb it

Don’t say the towels are removed

When you go dry like this

It’s easy to publish

Is not what it was

And maybe after blowing

All the streams run backward

Then there is no retouching to the face shape

So we must get our hair first

After combing

Then the wind blows against

Blowing from the bottom up

The whole blow

The entire scalp is blowing

After the hair roots stand up

How do you dial it

Are easier to dial

Come again

We are blowing from the tail

Just smooth

Then I think this is

Temperature is enough

Then the wind speed is very strong

So the hair roots are easy to hold up

Like a second quick-drying hair dryer

I want to introduce this

Is from Switzerland

VALERA Brushless Water Color Hair Dryer

So like some of the top hair dryers

Most use this brushless motor

Then this brand

In fact, it claims to be the first in the world

Using a brushless motor

Actually the most amazing thing is

Water color protection

Then I want to ask Nico

Is that we finish dyeing our hair

Just fade easily

We can use when blowing hair

Does that dye out more slowly?

Many people are blowing hair

Or hot tools like ions

Heat hurts his hair

It faded right away

Especially bleached hair

So this hair dryer

So you do n’t have the problem of fading

It can protect color

I think this is very important


Just dye that hair

Stay longer

Then the CP value is also relatively high

You never have to dye again

That’s like this hair dryer

Actually, I think this one is a bit wonderful

What is this

at home

No matter at home

Or at Salon

It often

You will blow like this

Then it gets stuck

And then this thing

Just let you not

The threads are tangled like this

It can always help you adjust yourself

To the right place

Then if we are blowing

I was washing my hair myself

During the drying process

What gestures do we have

Or some method

Can make our hair color

Keep it longer

If you drift very shallow

Like gray

Or that pink


You can use the middle one first

2 places

Don’t use 3

Because 3 is probably the hottest

So you can blow it with a temperature of 2

foodpanda 客服電話號碼台灣客服電話:0800-252-522

foodpanda 內用優惠碼 (點擊可複製)


Would recommend

And if you have thin hair

Or it ’s almost broken

Use intermediate temperature first

Would most recommend you do this

The third quick-drying hair dryer

I want to introduce

Is this one


The style feels very retro

MOD’S HAIR hair dryer

Its name is

High wind speed hair dryer

It ’s also the one that dries quickly

Then I think this pretty powerful place is

It’s pretty cheap

Everyone can

Just started

Then this hair dryer

one left

I think very humane design

Is this behind it

There is actually one

Kind of like a strip

What is its function

Can be slightly folded

On the desktop

Open it

You don’t need to get a hair dryer

You just blow like this

For lazy girls

This is a very convenient design

And it looks like this

You can also wipe your face by the way

And by the way blowing hair like this

Someone help you hold it

By the way, steam your face

Yes indeed


Actually I think the Japanese

Really caring

Is this mouthpiece

Is the ordinary mouthpiece

But it has one more

I really think

Wonderful looking mouthpiece

What is this mouthpiece for?

It is a secret weapon

It is

Because many people

Maybe for you

Take a round comb

Get another hair dryer

Going to blow your hair anywhere

You will feel trouble

and then

It’s a very convenient design

Like my short fringe

and then

You can just drive 1

Because when blowing bangs

If you drive too much, it may fall apart

and then

You pull your hair gently

Bottom up

Draw a parabola

Blow down like this

Draw a C

Your hair will have a surge

Don’t look good right now

We shake down again

It will be exactly the radian we want

Or when you go out

It’s just fine

Then it has one more thing

It this filter

It is on both sides

Less likely to be here

There will be a wind sucking here

It will not affect us

I think it’s intimate

And quite retro

The last quick-drying hair dryer

Actually, I was looking forward to it


Nano Water Ion Hair Dryer

Because like before 98

When listing in Taiwan

Cause a big wave

99 listed in Japan last year

Taiwan did not enter

Taiwan will enter this year

Evolution of 99

Is 9A

I think



Still one

Can be regarded as very good

Just blowing hair

Very smooth hair dryer

Because of this

Famous pig nose mouthpiece

It seems to be

The difference between strong and weak winds

Pull bigger

So it’s probably better than a 98 hair dryer

Drying speed

Can be 15% faster

So it ’s a hair dryer that dries quickly

In addition

Is that it also adds a function key

Called this CARE

This CARE function key

What is it doing

Is used to blow hair

This function key for blowing tail function

I also feel curious

Why is the Japanese so intimate?

Even blow tail

Must have a special pattern

I want to ask Nico

Why is hair blowing important?

Because it usually ends

It’s because everyone’s hair ends

There must be more damage

Unless you are not hot

But there is also a need without dyeing

Because there may be natural volume

Hair may be frizzy or broken

You can use this CARE function

Go blow it

Its hair will increase

Much like you applied the essence to the hair oil

To make you feel so hydrated

That’s like many of us girls want a curl

Then we are using a hair dryer

Want to blow out this kind of camber

Is there any trick

Very simple

After the hair is split in half

Roll in

Blowing around

Just roll like this

Like twist rolls

Roll around

Then the wind is from top to bottom

This way

If you want to make your hair flutter a little

You just go up and go around

If your hair

Already enough

You blow down smoothly

Do not angle so high

from top to bottom

Then the wind is from top to bottom

Keep blowing like this

Blowing from wet to dry

Your hair might have a slight C

Will look softer

And then there will be a feeling of nagging

Nico, you just love it

Does this negative ion taste right?

You said last time

Someone who watched my last episode

You will know how much I like it

The smell of that negative ion

Reminds me

Feeling inside mom’s belly

Then i know

In addition to this hair dryer has a negative ion smell

You have other wonderful uses, right?

Right because like myself

Will definitely dry the hair

Wash your hair

And i wash it every day

I will blow the hair dryer

My temple

Both sides

Then follow the wind pool

I will strengthen here

Then it ’s easy to hurt your head

Or loop stuck here

Then I will use this hot air

Go blow

Blow these

Make my loop better

Really effective

If you have a headache

Or a confinement friend

You can blow more

Really blow dry your scalp

Will be more comfortable

It feels like being massaged

This is serious

So it ’s really girls who spend a little money

Invest in a good hair dryer

It’s really good