Spider-Man: No Family Day” you did not find the 10 eggs?The end of the film secretly hidden to connect the Marvel multiverse


Spiderman: No Way Home” (Spider-Man: No Way Home), starring Tom Holland, is the most eagerly awaited Avengers sequel of the year! Since the last “Spider-Man: No Way Home” ending “Peter Parker” the true identity of the mysterious mage was revealed, his world has instantly changed tone; However, when Peter sought the help of Dr. Strange, accidentally opened the “multiverse” put everyone in danger. This time he must understand the meaning of the existence of “Spiderman” and learn to grow in the loss and sacrifice.
Here are 10 eggs you didn’t find in Spider-Man: Day Without a Home! In addition to the two post-credits eggs, but also about the “three generations of Spiderman” secret!

Spider-Man: No Home Day” Egg #1 Dr. Strange trailer is here!

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Dr. Strange trailer

Spider-Man: Family-Free Day” Egg #2 Mastodon & Marvel Universe Collision


The most important post-credits egg in “Spider-Man: No Home Alone” is actually the appearance of “Mastodon”! He was pulled into the Spider-Man universe when the multiverse opened, and when everyone was sent back to their own world, a drop of “Venom” symbiote was left behind, but also quickly escaped.

This picture means that the “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” universe and the Marvel Universe, finally linked together! But in fact, not only Mastodon, in the upcoming “Morbius” (Morbius) trailer, not only “Spider-Man: Back to School Day” the appearance of Vulture, the wall appeared on the Spider-Man graffiti …… are curious about whether the three universes intersected again?