How to “eat ” after the COVID-19 vaccines? These two key supplements are very important

Have you seen these greetings in your circle of friends recently: “Have you been vaccinated?”, “Have you got a fever after the vaccination?” As the scope of the new crown pneumonia vaccination is gradually expanding, everyone has to check it out. Is it a “vaccine-certified” young person or an elderly person.

The key to supplement high-concentration fish oil to fight inflammation

Because the body is conducting an immune response after vaccination, may appear fever, dizziness, chills, sore arm or hand could not lift other side effects, then the best eating more fruits and vegetables, fish oil and vitamin C , to help reduce the body due to an immune reaction caused by Symptoms of discomfort.

What kind of diet should I pay attention to after vaccination? Which fruits and vegetables can you eat?

After vaccination, we’d better avoid drinking alcohol, eating processed foods, refined starches, fried foods or potato chips and other junk foods. In order to prevent bad habits such as nutritional imbalances from reducing the protection of the vaccine, it is recommended to complete the vaccination and diet. Life precautions include:

  1. Balanced diet : It can help the immune system to function well, especially vitamin C, such as guava and kiwi fruit are all good choices.
  2. Eat more prototype foods : healthy foods such as eggs, nuts, fish, fruits and vegetables, because the oils in fast foods, processed foods and snacks can easily cause inflammation in the body, so it is best to avoid them at this time.
  3. Supplement more water : you can avoid uncomfortable reactions such as dizziness, and if you have a fever, you should add enough water.
  4. Have enough sleep : relax your mind, don’t be stressed, it is more helpful to your body’s immunity.
  5. Supplementing fish oil after meals : Fish oil can inhibit inflammation in the body and help the immune system even more.

The key to supplement high-concentration fish oil to fight inflammation

The fish oil mentioned is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids needed by the human body, and its benefits such as anti-inflammatory and enhancing body protection are deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

Among the high concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil, EPA and DHA are the main ones that can help the metabolism and enhance protection in the cells, especially the silver-haired people, the working people who eat out, and the family from the old to the young. There are many benefits to supplementing fish oil on weekdays.

However, there are so many fish oil products on the market, how to choose? It’s very simple, only need to master the following key:

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  1. High-concentration Omega-3 above 84% : The higher the concentration, the better. High-concentration fish oil means that it contains more Omega-3 fatty acids, which can effectively ingest EPA and DHA nutrients. There are currently commercially available fish oils with Omega-3 concentrations as high as 97.7%. .
  2. The rTG type with high absorption rate , and the raw materials come from large German factories.
  3. Only fish oil formula can get enough Omega-3 fatty acids. Two capsules of fish oil a day can reach the recommended daily amount of 1000mg.
  4. The raw materials come from a variety of small deep-sea fish , which can avoid heavy metal pollution.
  5. Whether the fish oil is clear or not : The clearer the fish oil and the absence of impurities, the better the extraction technology, and has the international patent extraction certification, the better the texture is pure and translucent fish oil.
  6. Small pellets are easy to swallow : Designed as mini pellets, it is easier for adults and children to ingest.
  7. International organization certification: such as the international Monde selection world premium gold award , which means that it has passed the most stringent and highest standard inspection in the world.
  8. SNQ National Quality Mark Certification + SGS Plasticization Inspection Qualified, Only for long-term eating and eating with peace of mind

Vitamin C that is insufficient in the diet is supplemented like this! Help resolve inflammation

In addition, vitamin C is also a supplement that must be paid special attention to before and after vaccination. The benefits of vitamin C are:

  1. It has anti-oxidant effect and can enhance protection.
  2. Promote the formation of collagen, help wound healing and maintain youthful beauty.
  3. Promote the growth of connective tissue, bones and teeth in the body to help maintain health.
  4. Promote the absorption of iron and help maintain a good complexion.
  5. Helps maintain the tightness of cell arrangement, and can also be used for nourishment after illness.

Recommended Dietary Nutrients (DRIs) for Taiwanese people recommend that adults consume 100 mg of vitamin C per day, and the upper limit of intake (UL) should not exceed 2000 mg per day. However, vegetables are easy to lose vitamin C during cooking, and they may be eaten with fruit supplements. Into excess sugar.

In addition to the busy life or eating habits of modern people, it is not easy to consume enough fruits and vegetables in the diet. The stress of life will consume vitamin C. In this case, vitamin C supplements can be considered to enhance the protective power and be more efficient. Of course, the supplement should be separated from aspirin, sulfa drugs and other drugs to avoid mutual interference. It is recommended to consult a doctor first.

However, there are many vitamin C products on the market, and most of them are different in dosage forms and dosages. If it is recommended by modern diet evaluation, 1,000 mg of vitamin C can be supplemented daily.

In order to allow the intestines to absorb a fixed amount stably and avoid diarrhea, it is better to choose a sustained-release type of vitamin C, which can maintain the concentration of vitamin C in the body for 8 hours, release vitamin C for a long time, and continue to escort our body. Protection is a good choice.

Before and after vaccination, our body is in a violent immune response, and it is easier to accelerate the consumption of vitamins and minerals in the body. Remember to supplement daily with sustained-release vitamin C and supplement with high-concentration fish oil after meals to help regulate body balance. Get through this discomfort. It can also be taken for a long time at ordinary times to enhance protection and cope with challenges at any time.