After the new crown vaccine, there is abnormal menstruation! This is what you can do to regulate it.

It has been reported that women have abnormal menstrual periods after the new crown vaccine is administered. Is this true? United Hospital found that after the administration of the new crown vaccine, the number of patients with irregular menstruation problems has increased. Some people have three months late menstruation, while others have increased menstrual flow. What is going on? Will this phenomenon return?


Ms. Liu is 42 years old. After two doses of Modena, her period did not come for three months. No special problems were found in the obstetrics and gynecology examination, so she took hormonal drugs. Worrying that she would have to take medicine all the time before her menstrual period would come, she went to the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Beijing Union Medical College Renai Hospital. During the consultation, she also found that Ms. Liu was busy and stressed. This time, the problem of irregular menstruation seriously affected her mood at work, so she gave the scientific traditional Chinese medicine “Si Ni” After a month of menstruation, the amount of menstrual flow increased, and blood clots were excreted. He felt much better now. After three months of treatment, he stopped taking the medicine and his menstruation returned to normal.

Ms. Wang is 35 years old. After two doses of AZ, menstrual pain became worse, accompanied by discomfort such as heavy menstrual flow and backache. After the first dose, menstruation felt uncomfortable, but she did not mind it. After taking the second dose, the symptoms worsened, so I went to the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Beijing Union Medical College Ren’ai Hospital for treatment. After the consultation, I found that the menstrual cycle had also changed. , and the traditional Chinese medicine ready-to-drink package “Jiwei Siwu Decoction” once a day, the pain and discomfort during the menstrual period were reduced, and the menstrual period returned to normal after two months of treatment, and the third dose of the vaccine is currently being administered.

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Ms. Wang is 35 years old. After two doses of AZ, her menstrual pain worsened, accompanied by heavy menstrual flow and backache.

After the vaccine, the outpatient service of irregular menstruation increases

Xie Xudong, an attending physician in the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ren’ai Hospital, Taipei City United Hospital, said that after the new coronary pneumonia vaccine, the number of patients with irregular menstrual problems has increased, in addition to increased menstrual pain, prolonged or shortened menstrual cycles, and more or less menstrual flow. , and some people will experience menopause. He explained,Because vaccination affects the body’s immune cells, the immune cells on the lining of the uterus are also affected, causing menstrual disordersAlthough the body’s resilience can slowly return to normal menstruation, but if it affects your daily routine, you can still seek medical assistance.

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Vaccines cause menstrual irregularities, only temporary

Physician Xie Xudong pointed out that if you have pain and other discomfort symptoms when your menstruation comes, many people will have worse symptoms after taking the vaccine. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that these people are more likely to have a “deficiency syndrome” constitution, that is to say, menstruation usually does not come. People with symptoms, even if their menstruation is affected after the vaccine, will return to normal in the next one to two months, but people with deficient constitution have poor resilience, so it is common for menstrual irregularities to affect work and class, and therefore feel pressured. , making menstruation more difficult to come smoothly. In addition to “tonifying the kidney and regulating deficiency” for physical deficiency, Chinese medicine treatment will also “soothe the liver and relieve stagnation” to help smooth menstruation.

Beishi United Medical Traditional Chinese Medicine ready-to-drink package “Jiwei Siwu Decoction”, in addition to Angelica, Shudi, Chuanxiong and Baishao in Siwu Decoction, it also adds lycium barbarum, which can nourish the kidney and fill the essence. In addition to the commonly heard effect of improving eyesight, wolfberry fruit , It is also very helpful for irregular menstruation caused by deficiency syndrome. Lycium barbarum is a plant belonging to the Solanaceae family. It is well known that tomatoes of the Solanaceae family have high nutritional value. Get your menstrual cycle back to normal more quickly.

Physician Xie Xudong suggested,Menstrual discomfort due to vaccines is usually temporarybut if symptoms persistMassage the Taichong and Taixi points on the feet for 5 minutes each nightto keep Qi and blood running smoothly, if menstruation is easy to get angry and bad mood, gastrointestinal discomfort is accompanied by menstrual pain, you can drink the traditional Chinese medicine “bergamot” tea, bergamot is spicy and warm, can soothe the liver and relieve depression, warm the stomach and relieve pain, To relieve the discomfort of menstruation, put tea bags with two dollars at a time, soak them in hot water for 10 minutes, and drink, help normal menstruation, and prepare the body for the next vaccine.

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