2020 How to choose 5 god-level hair dryers? How to blow?


Then I prepared five brands on the market today

Everyone’s hottest hair dryer

Can introduce it with everyone

Like the first one, the most recent one

To this Dyson Dyson it is expected that Taiwan will come in in July or August during the summer vacation

I tried this hair dryer myself

I think its shape is really very unique

The purpose of hollow is to be afraid

Just don’t worry about hair blowing in

It ’s okay if long hair is blown in

And then its motor

Is on its grip

So when you took it, it was great

Actually it’s pretty easy to get it

This is probably quite light

618 g

And its wattage is the wattage of a professional hair dryer grade.

The point is that it uses wind and heat

Blow the hair together instead of just hot and hot with the heat

Burn your hair like this

That hair dryer like this GHD is actually the one that hair stylist will use

Is a professional hair dryer

Then I think the biggest feature is its wind speed

Can dry twice as fast as a normal hair dryer

The other is that its handle is designed with this ergonomics

This Philips hair dryer actually takes that one too

The professional salon-level route

The point is that it also has a large amount of air

So its wattage is high

So you can dry your hair quickly

Then it also has a hair care at 57 degrees

That thermostatic control

So after you blow your hair in the heat,

You can also cool your hair immediately

Then there is a hair care effect

Then the point is that it also has some negative ions inside

So while you dry your hair

And then blow the hair scales

It is also a TESCOM with a high degree of discussion

Hair dryer for collagen

Usually use it right right right

Because I actually use this TESCOM hair dryer for about two years.

I use it as soon as I enter Taiwan

Because I think it ’s actually quite affordable

Because you look at it for less than 3,000 yuan

It advertises that it has a collagen and a nano ingredient on it.

Actually put it in

Every time you blow your hair, you have collagen

In fact, I feel really smooth after blowing it myself

And this nano piece of collagen

I heard that if you blow for 30 minutes every day, you can blow for about two years

So this is a consumable product

Add to you

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Then finally PANASONIC is a nano water ion hair dryer

That one is currently mainly sold in Taiwan

In fact, everyone knows the negative ion of PANASONIC.

Then its main function is to penetrate the hair into the scales.

And keep your hair from frizz

That is especially the friction of static electricity

It is also easy to make hair frizzy

So it ’s practical. The effect is that the hair is very blowing.

Silky and then not as hairy

That other words

In fact, I usually chase after everyone

Also bought a N97 series pair

I think it ’s the most powerful of them.

Press its Set button and then press it for about a minute

It will turn into a red effect and then it can lower that temperature

It won’t be so hot or so hot when it blows

Yeah and I think that every summer when I blow my hair, I ’m sweating so much

It ’s just that we have so many great hair dryers

But do you usually know how to blow the stylist’s feeling home?

So today we are going to hire that stylist Joe

With some knowledge of his professional hair blowing

Tell us exactly what it takes to blow up a salon-grade hairstyle

So I was thinking that I had some problems myself

It ’s me. Every time I blow my hair, it feels heavier and straighter.

Actually, I want to feel fluffy when I blow my hair

So the normal way to blow hair is to blow the hair into a shape.

When you keep blowing your hair into a C

At this time, after you grab this action, he will create a curling hair with tension and elasticity.

So it means that he usually our gestures are in the lower half

So you should actually pull him to the upper root

For example, we are arching our hair now. I blow my hair into a C.

Of course the hair will have that elasticity when you cool it down

With that tension to fluff up my hair, right?

Then there is

In the morning, if you really wash your hair after falling down at night, how can you blow up all morning?

Water is actually the best primer for styling.

So no matter what you use, you must first have water

So basically I prefer to get my hands wet so that my hair is evenly wet.

Is it wet on the hair roots?

I would basically recommend moisturizing the entire hair

Because this humidity is easy to dry

As long as you are slightly wet, let ’s take a look now

This hair is a little frizzy, for example

This is the effect on our prosperity

What about our hair now?

Because sometimes it ’s already too dry hair

You have to let his hair wet

After cooling down, we will all find that our hair has become fluffy.

Because hair is fragile when wet

You are drying

Will regroup the hair

So hair at this time

Fragile from wet

Blow it dry and reshape it

It will be fluffy

And it wo n’t frizz, right?

Especially Xiaolong’s hair is easy to frizz on me

Apply some oil to you and you wo n’t frizz, right