2019 iPhone 6 is reluctant to sell? Try the old machine and use the new features


Nowadays, smart phones are being updated every year, and many consumers are gradually becoming more and more tired of replacing new machines. However, old phones do not seem to be used in addition to selling. The foreign media CNET has sorted out the changes of seven old mobile phones. The method can even turn it into a home security lens or a universal remote control.

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▲The old mobile phone is reluctant to lose, and there are dust and dust. In fact, there are seven kinds of magic tricks. (Figure / information photo)

1. Universal remote control

Just download the remote app, such as iRule, which works on iPhone or Android, sync your phone to devices including Xbox One, Roku and Apple TV, or smart bulbs in your home, or sync your phone to these bulbs After the synchronization is completed, only one mobile phone can control various devices.

2. Home security camera

The old phone photography feature is great, you can download the security camera app, such as Alfred (for iPhone or Android) to get started. When you check your house during work and out, just put your phone in the best position of the house and you can see every move in the house.

3. Baby monitor

Users can install old phones in their rooms or use baby monitor apps such as Dormi (for Android) or Cloud Baby Monitor (for iPhone) to see if your baby is safe in any room and let parents feel More assured.

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4. Wireless mouse

Your old phone can also instantly become a mouse. Just download an app, such as iPhone or Android’s Remote Mouse, and connect your phone to your computer to the same Wi-Fi network.

5.Nintendo Game Boy

Gamers may like this message very much, because when Android becomes Nintendo Game Boy, it can satisfy the user’s desire to play games anywhere, just use a compatible Android phone and Hyperkin Smartboy mobile device. But you will need to buy a retro cassette, but if you don’t have one, you can play the Game Boy Advance app.

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▲The old mobile phone can be used as a music player to put your favorite music and reduce the burden of new mobile phone storage space. (Figure / information photo)

6.Google Home

First, update your mobile phone to the latest Android operating system, and you can call “OK, Google”. Next, just find a Bluetooth speaker to match the phone, and make sure that both devices stay connected and send Google commands to the phone. After that, you can use your phone as Google Home.

7. Music player

The music you like may have been placed in the phone in the past, it will take up a lot of space, but you can use the old phone as a special media player, reducing the burden of new phone storage space. If you want to have a party and connect your phone to a surround sound speaker, you can spend the night.